Catching Up!

Even though I tend to be long winded, this will probably be abnormally long since I put off starting this blog for quite some time.  It’s fine, except that I procrastinate to the Nth degree, it will never change.  I debated where to start… moving from Ohio to Colorado, brand new jobs for both of us after a summer apart, finding out we were pregnant, holidays, having a honeymoon, getting married, buying a house, pregnancy and bedrest, then labor and delivery!  Welp, that’s where I start, and that is the order of our past year and a half of massive change.

moving from Ohio to Colorado

’twas awesome

brand new jobs for both of us after a summer apart

’twas NOT awesome

finding out we were pregnant

That is pretty much indescribable… and unexpected.  Still have a picture of the test on my phone with lots of funny texts between dear friends in sheer panic and freak out mode.  Ohhhh, the moments leading up to breaking the news to parents.  Did I mention panic?  Little did I know that our lives could take no other course.  This was it:)


They were wonderful and mostly spent in Crested Butte, where my pregnant self was so cold I thought I would die.  It was the hormones of course.  It was so nice not to have to wonder if Ryan and I would be spending the holidays apart.  We come as a package deal now people!

having a honeymoon

We went before our wedding, yes.  Don’t ask.  Kauai was absolutely spectacular.  It was so fun to be  in such an exotic place with Ryan and to see his awe of surrounding beauty.  We were there for a week: eating, not boozing, whalewatching, best hike ever, relaxing, reading, hammocking, beaching, avoiding pregnant lady freak outs.  Not in that order

Our  home for a week


Pretty sure their canyon trumps ours…

A view from the best hike ever.  That should be it’s name.

Did I mention the bougainvillea.  Unbelievable!!

getting married

This was a pretty epic event.  I could not have imagined a more perfect beautiful wedding.  Even the rehearsal dinner was stupid great.  We had the most amazing support there and our day was really spectacular.  I don’t even know how to pick pictures to post here.  And, for those of you who were not amused by the change in date… I really apologize.  I HAD to fit into my dress which was not only already purchased, but amazing.  If I do say so myself:)

Rehearsal Dinner

If anyone needs access to the photos from the photographers website to get prints, please let me know!

buying a house

Our lovely house is far from work, but not far from family in a wonderful neighborhood called Park Hill.  We are within walking distance to a coffee shop, restaurants, etc, and bike riding distance to City Park, the zoo, and the museum!  We are very lucky to have scored such an amazing home and location.

Moving day!

pregnancy and bedrest

Pregnancy was… okay.  First trimester I just wanted to sleep.  Fruit and saltines were my diet… oh, and Shirley Temples!!  Second tri was fine.  BUT third tri… oh how I STILL loathe thee.  Not only was I uncomfortable, constantly hungry, had massive heartburn, and couldn’t sleep, but thats also when they put me on bed rest.  So from 29 – 36.6 weeks I was on the couch.  This may have been the darkest time of my life.  I do not enjoy sitting around non-stop by force, topped off by discomfort and guilt as every time I would move around, I worried that it would hurt our bundle.

Pretty sure these are the only photos I agreed to while pregnant:)

labor and delivery

One day shy of 37 weeks, on my birthday 8/5 (now Delaney’s as well!), my water broke at 12:30am.  Ryan is trying to wake up while I keep chanting “This is it, okay, wait, this is really it… how is there THIS MUCH WATER?!”  Call the midwife on call and she tells us to stay home as long as possible because the chances of medicinal intervention are significantly higher if we come in and she knew we wanted a natural birth.  However, if we got to noon and still weren’t having contractions 3-4 mins apart, call.  HA.  HA. HA.  Hop in the shower to pass a little time and contractions start right away, maybe 10 mins apart.  20 mins later they are much faster so I get out.  I can’t even complete blow drying my hair because they are coming too fast and we quickly get ready to head to the hospital.  Car ride and getting through the ER to labor and delivery take forever cause I have to stop every 3 mins to cope with the pain.  We finally get to our room and I am already at 4 cm.  I tried a bath, breathing, etc. but no matter the method, we can’t seem to get anywhere for pain tolerance because as soon as it stops, another comes.  Well… 12, 18, 22 hours of this… absolutely not.  I demand, rather forcefully and with lots of yelling and expletives, that I need an epidural.  Ryan does his job to try to disuade me, but I immediately let him know that is no longer not an option, with lots of  yelling and expletives.  The anesthesiologist comes up and dares to ask me questions during a contraction.  Between the pain and my irritation with his audacious desire to speak to me, I *may* have bit Ryan’s stomach… that part is a bit fuzzy.  All of a sudden I start screaming that I need to push!  Exit the anesthesiologist with a look of defeat.  In two hours I went from a 4 to a nine!  One more contraction took me to a 10, enter the pushing phase.  I liked this much more because even though the pain was even more intolerable, at least you can push your frustration away.  I have my mom on one side helping with O2, cold rags, and looks of sheer terror and awe.  The other side is Ryan looking calm, and reassuring me with every breath.  After two hours of pushing Delaney finally entered our world:)  I wish I could describe those moments, but I am not even going to try.  After 4-5 hrs of enjoying her company, my dad notices she is starting to look a little blue.  She was rushed away to a transition unit to see what is going on.  O2 wasn’t helping her enough so she was transferred to the NICU.  She had some lung complications and what was going to be pretty intense jaundice due to our blood types so she was there from Sunday to the following Friday.  That.  Sucked.  I don’t even want to talk about it.  Going home and being home was amazing.  My recovery was a little bit rough, but besides that, Ryan kept me on a strict and very needed schedule and we enjoyed the next week as a transformed family.

First time daddy holds her in NICU

My first time as well, with the mask of doom:/

One of the first times they take off her eye mask

First week home!

I think we are now caught up… at least with the large  events.  A couple more random photos:

sweet dream faces

First day of legit social smiles:)

2 thoughts on “Catching Up!

  1. Looks great! Although it can be hard to stay caught up on, blogging has been a great way for me to not only keep family and friends up to date, but also to journal and virtually scrapbook too. I look forward to reading your updates and witty posts 🙂

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