What an Exciting Week!

Except, not really:)  This week Delaney has been a little under the weather.  Not a full blown illness, but I did have to put saline in her nose and use a bulb to suck stuff out.  Poor thing, she hates it.  And I hate it because it makes me think of her poor little inflamed nose in the NICU.  However, it certainly seems to help, so I reluctantly sucked it up.  Last Saturday, Ryan and our friend Eric climbed Mt. Evans, their first 14er (a peak that hits 14,000 ft elevation above sea level).  I won’t call Ryan out, but he *may* have hobbled in the door after the hike in pitiful soreness and pain… I couldn’t stop laughing;)  Hey, at least they did it… my one and only experience trying to climb one as a kid was deplorable!

Some silly mountain goat that would only show his back side for the photos.  Needless to say, these mature boys took many silly pictures with it:)

Sunday we went on a fantastic drive up Guanella Pass to look at the Aspens changing color.  I am terrible, I didn’t get pictures of the spectacular views.  But it was gorgeous.  We eneded up in Georgetown for a lovely lunch and terrible drive home in traffic.  I loathe I-70.

That is about it for our exciting week!  I find it a little nervewracking leaving the house a lot with her.  Between the fear of her freaking out in public and feeding her… we are hermits.  I hope that fear will pass soon because I sure am getting restless.  I suppose it is hard anyway, considering she eats almost the entire time her eyes are open.  Makes it hard to do anything anyway.


Delaney and Sophie, her new friend.  This is their second playdate.  It is all about the girls, not the moms in desperate need of adult time:)  Purple is definitely her color.

So, my mom is certain that Delaney looks like Ryan.  I have always been torn.  I see it in this picture though… lol!

Our Friday night, cuddling her sickly sorrows away.  And daddy, being daddy.

I just love this little snippet.  She looks like the keeps smirking and such.  It is so cute how she is still trying to move her face.  And yes, she is ALWAYS that vocal.

Her insanely ridiculous attempts to cry.  Like anyone can take that seriously.

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