Guests and a New Baby

The past two weeks have been quite busy.  First off, Delaney turned two months on the 5th:)  She had a friend over.  Again, the purpose is NOT for us moms to get a little adult time.  They are totally capable of playing at this age…

At two months she also gets her first vaccinations. NOT fun.  We are doing a delayed schedule so she gets 2 shots every month as opposed to 4-5 shots every two months.  No matter what it sucks, but at least this way we aren’t bombarding her immune system with too much at once.  I am not sure who took the experience worse, me or her.  She is growing like a weed.  Since she was two weeks old, she has gained about 3.5 lbs, added 2 inches in length and 1 inch to her noggin.  Doesn’t that give me a free card to eat pizza every day?!  We also had to switch from the best pediatrician in the world to Kaiser.  I cried.  The new Dr. seems okay, but it is a huge difference to the awesome little integrative pediatrician I went to, sister went to, and I was hoping for Delaney as well.  To top off the terrible day, I woke up to terrible news.  I am a part of an online mom group for babies born in August, and have been since I found out I was pregnant.  Cheesy, I know, but they are the best support group and we have all become friends over these past 11 mos.  Actually, the baby Delaney is with above is the daughter of one of the women I met in the group.  Anyhow, one of the mom’s lost her baby.  I cried, again.  We all cried.

On a happier note…

We also had my Grandma Bonnie, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Jenny in town.  It was so fun to see them and have them meet Delaney.  Ryan and I wanted to stay and play with them every night… Delaney wanted to sleep.

I think those were the two main events.

We also are starting to feel like we have a different baby.  She has gotten fussy all of a sudden and really fights sleeping.  What a handful.  It seems like that is normal starting at 8 weeks, but I think someone swapped our darling little well behaved daughter for a borderline monster.  Maybe she is just learning she can control the whole house…


Here are some random pictures as well:)

Bumbo fun.  At least she is trying.  She also looks dizzy cause she is still mastering trying to hold up her head!

Going out for the day and actually in real clothing.  That happens about once every two weeks.  Normally I am lazy and keep her in foot pajamas.  I want foot pajamas.

Her first snow!!  She stayed inside the whole time and didn’t see it:)

A new play gym we got her to see if we can attempt to set her down for even 5 minutes.  She lasted 10 mins once, yay!

So Ryan likes to torture us sometimes and ask us to go on a walk with him at 5am.  This is her all bundled up to stay warm on one of these walks.  I prefer cookies.

Bath time!  So stinkin cute!

I think swaddled babies are hysterical.

Delaney and Auntie Mia!  That was a great day of relaxing and catching up.

One thought on “Guests and a New Baby

  1. Hi! I just love your baby post! It is so wonderful keeping in touch with the growth of my great niece! Please keep doing it. It is awesome!!

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