Okay, I know I totally let you all down, my huge fan base of people that like to adore our daughter.  I am so sorry.  I just cannot keep up with it all!

Let’s see, since the last post we have gone through Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Both were great, carving pumpkins with Auntie Miachelle and friends.  Thanksgiving day was spend with Auntie Darcey, Unc JB and their family, then we joined my family up in Crested Butte. They just built their dream house in their dream location so it was really wonderful and exciting to share that with my family:)  I am sorry to say I should have gotten more pictures of the special days.  Mommy fail!

Our Halloween Bear!  I know, we are a creative bunch.  Really, the costume just worked to be her snow suit as well:)


Cooking!  Don’t worry, she was carefully watched:)


      Just rolled out of bed on cooking day!                              How does a 3.5 mo old love books so much?!

IMG_1175 IMG_1173

Delaney is now growing so much every day,physically and mentally.  I hate thinking about it but enjoy every second of her.  Even when she decides to no longer be an awesome sleeper and wake every hour.  She has gone through a growth spirt, wonder week, and sleep regression all since my last post.  All you really need to know about that is that we are exhausted in this household!!  She seems to be coming out of it though.  She now notices the world around her with great curiosity, discovered her hands and feet, is grabbing for things and trying really hard to work her little fingers around objects, laughed ONCE (not nice, I require more for all this hard work), graduated from our bed to her own, gets seperation anxiety, displays shyness, and talks up a storm after a month of silence.  Did I mention how much I dislike her speed of growth?  OH.  I also swear she says “hi!” and I know it is crazy and not possible, but I am mommy and I know all.

Here are some random pics, as always.  I have a few videos, but am struggling uploading them.  Once I figure it out I will do so:)

Her 3 month photo.  I think she has my skin… poor kid!


 Do you see her dreadlock?  We don’t raise hippies, as much as         some of you may think…

] IMG_1149

IMG_1114              IMG_1093

She makes awesome expressions.  And the picture to the left is next to a picture taken of me… I feel like she may have received my expression-filled face.  Watch out world.

IMG_1111                IMG_1104

Meeting her dear friend Noah for the first time:)


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