I know, I am a total slacker…

… but in my defense, it has been just crazy busy with holidays, visitors, etc.  Still no excuse, I know.

Anyhoo, we had an amazing First Christmas!  We celebrated our Christmas with my family the weekend before the 25th and it was fantastic!  It actually felt as wonderful as Christmas’ felt as a kid and I am so happy to be able to start that again and continue it for Delaney:)  She was showered with awesome gifts, here are a few pictures from that:




On the actual day of Christmas, we had Darcey and JB over for turkey stew.  We tried to introduce them to Settlers of Catan, Ryan’s favorite board game.  Mostly, I think it just made JB really mad.  I think it is safe to blame that on Ryan’s ability to inflict his disdain for not being in the lead all the time, not the actual game itself.


The weekend following, Ryan’s mom Carolyn came into town.  We went up to Crested Butte for a few days, then spent some time down in D-town.  It was so much fun and a great pleasure having her here.  I loved seeing her meet Delaney and just totally dive in to being an awesome grandma:)  Too bad she is so far away:/  I think it is safe to say that Delaney had her first, full blown melt down in public on this trip.  I thought I was either going to start running in circles or burst into tears.  Having a screaming baby that you cannot seem to console is NOT fun, especially with spectators.



The day after Carolyn left, Ryan’s Uncle Timmy, Aunt Sandy, and cousins Danny, Shannon, and Matthew came into town to ski.  So we got to hang out quite a bit which was awesome and Delaney got to meet even more family as well!  We also went for tea at the Brown Palace which was… expensive?!  Ha, it was a good experience and I am glad I spent it with Timmy and Sandy for our first tea adventure.  Delaney enjoyed lots of laps around the atrium.



I think that bring us up to speed in terms of the big events since my last post.  Day-to-day life has been a rollercoaster, up during the day and way faaaaaaar down at night!  This little monster is SO much fun and developing so much!!  She attacks her feet and eats them like they are going to fall off her body, never to be found again.  She is a total foodie for sure.  She started solids and is now obsessed with the concept of eating off a spoon, swooshing it around in her mouth, squirting it through her gums and lips, sucking it off the highchair, etc.  Who needs a TV for entertainment!  She has rolled over a few times, laughs but only after it is earned with a TON of effort, squawks pretty much all day, preforms for an audience as long as she has gotten over her stranger anxiety, and did I mention her obsession with her feet yet?  That being said, she is up every two hours at night.  She is learning so many things and they say they literally practice it in their sleep so it can keep them up.  So in between that and teething, which is AWFUL, there is no sleep to be had in this household!  Poor thing, I hope these dang teeth cut soon so she stops hurting.  See these happy pictures of either feet in her mouth, or my hand.  Poor thing.  Oh, also please note the necklace she is wearing.  Yes, I am a sap and gave in to an amber teething necklace.  I find it so hard to believe they work, but we are desperate to ease the discomfort and will try anything!




Random pictures and videos:

Naked time is the second best past time to feet:)


We went to the art museum for her first time and got to go to the Van Gogh exhibit!!  Thanks Auntie Mia:)  I was surprised that only two art snobs scoffed at my bringing her.  You would think real art snobs would appreciate exposing her to such fantastic art so early:)



Another baby play date (aka: mom’s attempt to adult sanity).  Too cute!!


More food fun!!!



Here are her 4 and 5 month photos, I forgot to post the 4 month photo last time.  And yes, that is drool:




And I found a way to post videos, as requested:)  YouTube, who would have thought:)

Here is Delaney eating solids for the first time.  Too funny!

And here is Delaney and Daddy babbling back and forth on Christmas:


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